Cost of Repairs in New Jersey

With the Cost of Repairs in New Jersey continuing to rise, the importance of having a good through detailed home inspection is also rising. Below is an example of how a poorly inspected home can result in overwhelming repair costs to a new homeowner once they move in to the home they just purchased.

Recently I performed an inspection on a single family home in Clinton Twp., NJ, owned by a relocation company. The home was inspected by a licensed New Jersey Home Inspector for the relocation company, prior to the relocation company purchasing the home.

When I performed my inspection of the home, it reveled major problems with a deck and three season room at the rear of the home and required further review by a licensed contractor. The listing agent said the relocation companies Licensed New Jersey home inspector did not identify any problems with the deck and three season room, nor did the local building officials when they visited the home.

Below is a contractors proposal regarding the repairs required for the deck and three season room (the contractors name, address and phone number and the address of the home, have been removed due to privacy concerns).

Home Repair Estimate:

December 15, 2016
Property Address:
Clinton Twp, NJ

Total Materials $9,800.00
Additional Materials
Clinton Twp Permit Fees $400
Optional Material
Architectural Drawings For Clinton Twp Permit $1800
(Clinton Twp Will Allow Home Owner To Design Their Own Decks If The Home Owner Would Like To Do So. The Building Inspector Is Extremely Strict And Its Recommended To Have Architect Submit Drawings In Place)
Total Materials With Additional & Optional $12,000.00
Submit Permits For Clinton Twp
Demo, Remove & Dispose Of Existing Roof, Three Season Room, Deck Structure & Footings On Rear Of Home
Install New Footings For Deck Support
Install Posts & Girders To Support Deck & Three Season Roof
Build Joist Structure & Staircase Supports
Cover Decking Structure In 5/4 Decking
Build Roof Structure & Sheet With Plywood
Install Skylight & Flashing Kit
Install Tar Paper & 25 Year Shingle Roof
Build 1/3 Walls & Wrap Posts In Primed Pine
Sheet Exterior Of Three Season Room In T1-11 & Install
Fascia Boards For Trim
Flash All Areas & Caulk As Necessary
Paint Exterior Of Three Season Room To Match House
Install Planking On Interior Ceiling Of Three Season Room
Install Lights In Three Season Room Similar To Current
Paint Interior Walls & Posts
Build Railing System For Two Staircases On Either Side Of Three
Season Room
Install Lattice Under Deck & Staircases
Removal & Disposal Of Debris Generated From Construction
Close Out Permits For Homeowner
Total Labor $27,200.00
Total Labor & Materials $39,200.00
NJ Sales Tax (Capital Improvement) $0.00
Total Final Estimate $39,200