Beyond our general home inspections and infrared thermography,  New Jersey Amerispec  offers additional services  including:

RADON TESTING: We use only continuous electronic radon monitors for home radon testing.  A monitor is placed in the lowest livable level of the home for a period of 24 to 72 hrs.  Home radon readings are taken every 4 hours during the length of time the electronic radon unit is in the home. A printout of these electronic radon readings is provided with your final home  radon report. Eectronic radon monitor testing equipment is also tamper proof. Learn more about our Radon Testing Services.

chimney cracksCHIMNEY INSPECTIONS: All accessible areas of the chimney are inspected (structure, mortar and rain caps, firebox, smoke chamber and hearth extension). Internal components of the chimney (flues) are inspected utilizing the Wohler chimney inspection system. Learn more about our chimney and fireplace inspections.

WELL WATER TESTING: Testing is performed by a New Jersey certified water testing laboratory following the guidelines set forth by the NJ Private Well Testing Act. Results are typical available within 5 days. Learn more about our well water testing.

POOL INSPECTIONS: Inspections are performed any time of year. This inspection includes the entire pool environment, not just the pool, pump and filter. The intention is to evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components. You will receive a customized report detailing the condition of the pool and equipment.

INFRARED ENERGY SCANS: Considering your heating and cooling load can be a substantial part of your actual energy budget, an Infrared Survey will help identify the two largest sources of heat loss and air leakage thereby helping you save on your energy expense.  Learn more about our infrared Energy Scans.

CONSULTATIONS:  A thorough inspection of your house and property every four or five years can yield significant returns. A professional home inspector can identify conditions which may be present or may lead to safety hazards for family members. Learn more about our inspection consultation services.

We also provide consultations for homeowners who are concerned about repairs, additions, alterations or a previous home inspection that has been made to their home.

OIL TANK TESTING: Tank testing is performed utilizing the latest digital computerized acoustic leak detection system.


TERMITE INSPECTIONS: The entire structure is inspected for all wood destroying insects (termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and powder post beetle).