Choosing A Home Inspector

Choosing the right Home Inspector should be as important as choosing the right home. We have listed some of the most important points to consider when choosing a Home Inspector in New Jersey.

PRICE: Hiring a New Jersey Home Inspector, based on price alone, is one of the worse mistakes one could make. Buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. You may save $100-200 by choosing a cheaper inspector; however this could result in $1,000 in repairs in the long run. Usually, the best inspectors are not the cheapest. AmeriSpec is not the cheapest (call us for a price quote). Too many sellers, who had a cheap Home Inspection, ask me the same question when inspecting their home for the buyers “Why didn’t my inspector see that or note it in the inspection report”.

INSPECTION AGREEMENT: All New Jersey licensed Home Inspectors are required to send an inspection agreement to the client no later than one business day after the home inspection appointment is made.

INSPECTION: Ask what will be inspected. Many New Jersey Home Inspection company’s hit you with disclaimers before, during or after the inspection for items/systems that they do not inspect. Astonishingly, some New Jersey Home Inspectors refuse to go on the roof, go into crawlspaces and even remove the electrical panel covers. At AmeriSpec we inspect the roof (as long as it is accessible), we operate all windows (if we cannot operate them all we will inform you which ones were not operated), we test the dishwasher through an entire cycle, we operate permanently installed microwaves, the heating system is operated (even if its 100 degrees outside), all the plumbing fixtures are operated, we also enter crawlspaces and attics, we test or operate at least 75% of switches and outlets and remove electrical panel covers.

REPORT: Before you choose a New Jersey Home Inspector, ask for a sample inspection report. What you are looking for is a detailed narrative report with photos of areas of concern. Checklist reports, whether they are hand written or computer generated are difficult to interpret and read, and may be void of many of the details and advise you need. A high quality report should be anywhere between 20-50 pages depending on the type, condition and size of the home being inspected. The report should highlight maintenance items and areas of concern. AmeriSpec does not provide you with “on the spot” handwritten, checklist or computer generated report. We spent an additional 1-2 hours preparing a high quality report which is available the following day on our website.

SERVICE: What kind of service are you going to receive during and after your Home Inspection? Is you inspector going to spend 2-3 hours or more inspecting the home and explaining maintenance items, operating and servicing of your major system and areas of concern, or does he have 3 or more inspections to do that day. AmeriSpec schedules no more than two inspections per inspector, that means if we have to spend four hours on a home to give the best inspection possible, than we spend four hours. We are also available to answer questions you may have before and after you close on the home.

EXPERIENCE: How long has the New Jersey Home Inspector been in business, what are his qualifications, does he do this part-time? AmeriSpec inspectors are ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) members, licensed New Jersey Home Inspector, licensed New Jersey Building Inspector, certified chimney inspector and certified radon technician.

We receive hundreds of calls a year from buyers just pricing for a New Jersey Home Inspector, we always end the conversation by saying “Be careful out there, choosing the wrong inspector or the cheapest inspector could cost you thousands of your hard earned dollar’s in repairs which were not uncovered during the home inspection”.